Superbowl Aftermath

February 06, 2009

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Joe Pasternak

Superbowl Aftermath

Superbowl XLIII is over and the Pittsburgh Steelers now have their 6th championship. They defeated the Arizona Cardinals by a score of 27-23. Both teams put up a solid effort but in the end the fans from Pittsburgh got to waive their Terrible Towels and watch their beloved team "win one for the other thumb."

As the attention shifts from the Superbowl to the off-season and the draft, the Steelers in-state rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles, will try to make necessary adjustments after being beaten by the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC Championship game. Being beaten in the NFC title game is an unfortunate but familiar sight for the Eagles and the Philly faithful. The loss against the Cardinals now brings the Eagles' recent conference championship game record to 1-4. Tough losses coming to the St. Louis Rams, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Carolina Panthers and now the Cardinals. The lone victory came against the Atlanta Falcons which propelled the Eagles into a Superbowl loss to the New England Patriots.

But what's done is done. The Eagles need to look forward to recapturing division titles and asserting themselves as a dominant team in the NFC once again. What positions should the Eagles address in the draft? Should they finally land a big-name wide receiver for Donovan McNabb to air it out to? Should they even keep McNabb at all?

There are lots of questions that need to be answered. As Eagles fans, let's hope order can be restored to the NFC East and our Eagles can fly on the way to victory once again.

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  1. They have no reason not to land a decent receiver with all that cap room.  Houshmandzadeh wants in, Boldin is playing his cards too.  They have some questions on the O-line, but I think at least one of their tackles will be back.  Spend some of that dough on a receiver!

    Frank VinciFrank Vinci on Saturday, 07 February 2009, 18:44 PST # |

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