The East...the day after the blowout

October 20, 2008

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Luis Duran

The East...the day after the blowout


The Day After the Blowout


Hello East fans,

    Okay so my predictions were way off, well not by much except for the thrashing in St. Louis, I really think it is code red in Big D. The Skins got away with one at home against the resurged Brownies. The G-men handled the Whiners the way you should, let them beat themselves. Let’s start off with the biggest upset in the NFL since the previous week.

    Tony Romo spoke to Brett and decide he was going to try and be a big man like him and play, Jerry said no way and Brad started the game. The Cowgirls came out firing on all cylinders, Barber was bruising, the O-line had forgotten last week and TO did not drop any balls either. Then the Legend of Donnie Avery emerged from the sidelines and absolutely burned who ever was assigned to him. Steven Jackson made me think of picking him up in fantasy football again and the Rams defensive backs looked amazing. In all actuality they all looked like a real football team.

    The Cowgals on the other hand just looked like their QB, old, flustered and confused. Roy E. Williams was less of a factor than the other Roy Williams usually is. Whom by the way is now gone for the season, but he’s really been gone since ‘06. The O-line let Brad (I won the Superbowl) Johnson get sacked by four man pressure on consecutive plays. That my fellow football enthusiasts is unacceptable, no blitz and they still get to the QB in under five seconds, just pathetic. Romo watched from the sidelines helplessly as he counted his lucky stars that he wasn’t in there getting killed for the seventh consecutive week. TO tried to fire up his teammates by telling them how bad they were playing, Wade was embarrassed and enraged you could tell from his press conference. Roy was feeling like he was still in Motown, Mrs, Pacman was toasting to the guys and somewhere in Miami the Big Tuna was laughing hysterically and texting Jerry “Good job Jones…Hahaha”



    In the meadowlands the G-men had some trouble with San Fran but nothing to get to excited about, they made the plays they needed to make unlike last week. To me they are one of the most boring teams in the league, but if boring means you are leading the division then go right ahead. Nothing spectacular happened other than another special teams play from the 49ers. In the end J.T. O’Sullivan played like he is used to playing in the fourth quarter, like an NFL Europe QB, bad. Martz goes around telling everyone this kid is going to be a superhero and for three quarters it seems like he might have a slight point, then when the third is over the Kryptonite fills his helmet.

The Giants are in first place and the NFC lead for the number one spot.

It will be interesting to see how they match up against Philly twice down the stretch and the rematch with the Skins in DC.

    Speaking of the Skins they had and uneventful first half in their match up with the Brownies. The punters for both teams were on the field more than the actual players. The Brown receivers could not catch a cold in blizzard and Anderson could not put a pass near receiver. In the end the Browns took a chance at a fourth down inside the five did not convert. But on the next series Clinton couched up th eball and gave Cleveland life once more. Anderson finally connected with a TD pass to Cribbs and converted on atwo pointer to Edwards. The skins could not get a first and Cleveland got the ball back with enough time to score, but once again Anderson failed to connect with open receivers and settled for a missed 54 yard field goal.


The Skins got a win after a terrible offensive day and should be grateful for the Cowboys loss.

Well that’s all I really care about, people are saying the South division is strong but they have not met up with the East just yet. Next week will be a good match up between Tampa and Dallas. Also my beloved Birds return to face the upstart Falcons. The Skins should have an easy day against Detroit but we all now what happened against the Rams. NY faces the Steelers in what sets up to be a great game to determine if the Giants are for real.

Because there is no other division in Football that matters like ours!

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