The East!

October 18, 2008

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Luis Duran

The East!

NFC East

Week 7 preview


Hello East fans,

     As we head into the critical part of the season, the East sets up for a huge weekend of football. Last week’s slip up by every team except Philly made the race a lot tighter. We do not know if Mr. Jessica Simpson will play this Sunday after speaking with Brett over the week. Eli seems to have a injury similar to SuperFive’s and the Skins are wondering if they really lost to the Rams or not.

    Let’s begin in the Big Apple where the G-men were run out of Cleveland on monday night and their biggest weakness was exposed. Their secondary was torched all game by an offense that has not gone vertical since last year. Eli showed his old self again and this week going up against a so-so defense in San Fran, he might be able to have a big day. If not, well Coughlin you have backs over there that can win the game even if the Whiners put nine in the box. Plus, the “Fade to Plax” is as unstoppable as anything we have seen in a while. On the other side if O’Sullivan can play like he did in the first three quarters of last weeks game, the Whiners will be victorious. He was making great throws, opening up the running game and led until he remembered he was J.T. O’Sullivan and he shouldn’t be playing that well.

I will go out on a limb and say that the G-men get upset again…Whiners 24 - G-men 16

     The biggest upset of the year happened when the Rams came into DC and stole one from the bewildered Skins last Sunday. This it will be little tougher for them, they are playing the Brownies who are high and confident after their thrashing of the Giants. The brown will have Winslow back and Edwards has remember he’s a WR and “is” supposed to catch the passes thrown to him. There is some doubt as far as Portis and Shaun (I was an MVP) Alexander is in town after Betts got hurt. Either way I believe that offensive line will have problems with the best tackle in the NFL, even if he does not have a big day he opens up lanes for his teammates to get to Campbell. The passing game for the Skins has been non existent their last two game and with a secondary that feels like they belong, it might be little difficult.

I don’t know if this is an upset but I’m taking the Brownies 23 - 13 Skins

    The last game will look at will be the match up everyone is waiting to see, after the season the Rams are having they never expected to be in such an anticipated game. Who will play QB for the Cowgirls, the Golden boy or the Golden Age. 41 year old Brad Johnson might have a chance to play again and has an opportunity to do well against a paper thin defense. So I will go on an island and say that if Dallas struggles and somehow loses this game, they can now be discontinued as Superbowl contenders. There is no way in Hades they should lose this game, they have a better defense, offense, special teams, coaches, water boys, cheerleaders, owners, cleats, concession stands, you name it.

    I am still waiting for the game when Steven Jackson is going to play like he did last year, this might be the game if the Rams can sustain drives like they did last week. If this game gets out hand for the Cowgals, I do believe this team will implode. Roy Williams will be wishing he was in Detroit were all the payers hated the front office instead of each other. I am only upset that Mrs. Pacman is off in rehab and can’t play since he did make those comments about the Rams in week 2.

Still taking the Gals big 28- 10 over St. Lou. TO will make out with Roy Williams on the Star after the game.

My Eagles do not play this week and I am somewhat relieved, hopefully they will rest and get better to make run for the playoffs.

That’s it for the East this week, I only write about it because….


There is no other division in Football that matters like ours!




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