Blast AWAY!!!!!

October 15, 2008

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Luis Duran

Blast AWAY!!!!!

The Wednesday Blast


Hello Blast fans,

What a week to be an NFL fan huh? Great finishes, amazing breakdowns and outstanding individual plays. I think I got about twenty or so emails for this blast and of course I always pick the best ones. I do have to admit I had a lot of Dallas correspondence on Monday morning after the news came out. There are others that just keep coming from places like Detroit, Seattle and Oakland. We do have some new ones from the NYC and DC where there was major uproar after their respective teams bit the big one.

Here we go let’s start out in Maryland where they are still in shock!

“The Rams?”

Okay so we have Springs who is playing the best of all, but the safeties make dumb reads and keep our corners in a hole. Who in the world is Donnie Avery? Can anyone tell me that? Hey Zorn I think I know what happened, you forgot to watch film on him right, the package for Donnie Avery must not have been put into effect on Sunday. Are you kidding me!!! The Rams, you know what I told myself after the game?

“This is the NFL, everyone can beat anyone on a given day” That made me feel good for about three seconds and then I just wanted to punch my flat screen until I fixed the score on the screen that was tormenting me so. Two great wins against rivals and then we go and lose to these guys, c’mon Zorn. How can I show my face at work on Tuesday, I want to thank Mr. Columbus for giving a grieving day after Sunday. I just do not think I would have been able to do my job while being endlessly barraged with laughter from my coworkers. I can only hope they go on and win ten straight that way I can say “See I told you they were better than their record” which is complete lie by the way.

The Rams!!!!!!!!!!????????

I have to admit that loss can really hurt your soul as a fan…but hey we beat em!!! LOL

Next we have the unfortunate fans in Oaktown.

“Al you are making me hate my team”

Al you make me hate my only love in this world…my Raiders.

For the first time in my 42 years on this earth I will not wear any silver and black this week. How do you like that Al? Is this what you wanted, to lose your loyal fans that stick with the team after losses and more losses? I live in the Midwest and I have always been true to my team. But after this season I am seriously considering taking a year off to weigh my options. I am not a fair-weather fan by any means. I just can’t stand behind a so called man who is destroying the only thing I have to remember my father, and my childhood friends.

You are doing this to all of us Al, I hope you are proud of yourself.

Well, this felt like a Dear Al letter to me…yikes!

Once again we could not have a blast without something from Motown.

“Hey Dan go play in Canada!”

We finally have a chance to win a game and we lose like that. First off, no wonder Kitna was the starting QB for the longest time. At least he knows where the out of bounds lines are and he knows the other team will get points if you run out of the end zone. WOW! I am speechless, I really do not know what else to say. Now with Roy leaving we will be able to draft an actual player and not a WR for our first pick. I mean hey Millen look at how many of your picks are still in the game,

Rogers is paying back his debt to society, but in all reality we should let him keep the money just for putting on the uniform.

Mike Williams can’t find a team because he is either too fat or too slow or too stupid, in reality we were too stupid for getting him.

Calvin will probably finish his second year so that’s a plus let’s hope he will actually stay and be productive.

Roy has moved on to greener pastures, or the sideshow that is Dallas. I would have left too if I was him.

I really do not know if you picked #6 also but if you did I hope karma kicks you in the groin! You pumpkin headed idiot!

Okay, there you have it folks a pumpkin head reference just in time for Halloween!

Due up is my boy out in Carey out in Seattle, where well you know how it’s going.

“I Mike Holmgren hereby resign….”

That’s right Mike I am Al Davising you, I have written out your resignation letter all you have to do is sign it!

I Mike Holmgren hereby resign to the position of acting as a Head Coach and General Manager and whatever other title I think I deserved. One embarrassing SuperBowl loss and not being able to keep a wide receiver in the building has helped with my decision. To finally put my tail between my legs and go back to wherever I came from ashamed to show my face for the rest of time.


               Michael Arce Holmgen

Oh man that was pretty hilarious, come on Seahawks you know he’s the best thing that’s ever happened in that state since Brian Bossworth…LOL!

Now we move on to Big D and all the carnage they are causing themselves.

“What a tangled web we weave!”

Well Jerry I hope you are happy with yourself, so Pacman didn’t do anything huh? That is why the NFL is taking him away. What’s that Jerry you felt it did not need further investigation well that’s fine then. So surrounding this idiot with your own security guards couldn’t keep him out of trouble huh? Are you able to cut your losses with him and start looking elsewhere, our secondary is in the gutter and now it’s even worse. The golden boy is hurt and we have his grandfather playing QB now. I can’t understand the reasoning behind not having capable backups at all positions. Your punter is hurt and we will most definitely need him in the coming weeks since I have a feeling he will be getting a lot of work. OH so TO is extremely happy that Roy is coming, yay! good for him. Little does he know that the QB is just about as capable as the ones he had in Detroit. We better beat the Rams, or it will be another wasted season, Romo can’t hang on to the ball and TO and now Roy will cry together in the locker room.

I have stood by after the signing of Ryan Leaf and the embarrassment that was the Henson era, Quincy, Clint and Vinny. Let’s not forget the Chad Hutchinson project that worked out well. You have not had a solid QB since Jason Garrett and he sucked!

But hey at least we have a new stadium next year right!

Let’s pay even more to go see the soap opera that we can catch on cable for way less a month!

There you go Cowgirl fans, this is your life!!!!! LOL


Well that’s it for the Blast this week, I have been getting questions from you about how much actual emails I receive. I usually receive more than this but I have to pick through everything and take out some curse words to make it some what readable.

Keep Blasting!!!!!!

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  1. Luis...I love reading your Blast each week...keep it up!  The Rams and Raiders are just pathetic!  I expected more from Holmgren and his Seahawks...the team has had to deal with a lot of injuries...but now I think that they have quit on the coach!  Dallas is at a crossroad...all this stuff going on could kill the team...or it can bring them together and they can make a run.  Either way, Jerry has done his job...he brought in the coaches and the it's up to them!  Peace!

    utopia1dcutopia1dc on Thursday, 16 October 2008, 06:42 PDT # |

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