The East!

October 11, 2008

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Luis Duran

The East!


NFC East

Week 6



Hello East Fans,

Well after a week of Hiatus to curse the football gods for my team’s embarrassing losses. I felt a preview of the Best division in Football was the only way to quench the thirst. Every team in the division except for Washington is on the road, let’s start with the leaders of the pack.

Skins -vs.- Hawks

I know what you are thinking, “The Skins are gonna kill them!” That very well might be true, but the thing is that number 8 for the Hawks might not suit up for the game. Enter Seneca? Maybe, I am 97% sure that Holmgren will use Charlie Frye instead of “The Seneca”. I think his lack of arm strength doesn’t overshadow his ability to take over a game. What you are saying I’m talking crazy right, all I am saying is he is the kind of player you need to let the reigns loose in order for the Offense to be successful.

On the other hand they are down to no receivers up there, and that to the Skins is a god send. Since the secondary had a day off in Philly last week, they will be happy not to be responsible for putting their team in a hole. The Skins’ O is watered down to suit the needs and talents of their QB, and underrated receivers. Santana was held in check last week and the O still managed to win the game with smash mouth football.

I still believe the Skins will put it on them, 31- 13


Dallas -vs.- Cards

The Girls meet up with the Cards in the desert to once and for all put the mystery to rest. Which is who has the worst secondary in the NFL? Personally I feel that it is the Red Birds since they have proven players and high draft picks back there stinking it up. On the other hand the Cowgals best pass defender is Anthony Henry, Roy is an after thought I know he changed his number but well. Different number = Same results. Newman is hurting and Mrs. Pacman is out wrestling his Cowboy appointed bodyguards.

The thrill ride these two Offenses will bring will be dictated by the Big Uns, the O-line. If the Dallas line can protect Romo he can sidearm his way into a great game. If they can open up some holes for the Barbarian and Felix the Cat that ‘Zona defense will be on the sidelines more watching Warner try to bring them back all day. But here is the equalizer for the entire game:

If the Cards can run the ball effectively, they will be able to keep T.O. crying on the sidelines instead of crying on the field.

Thus helping their defense get some much needed training from the coaches on the sidelines, instead of OJT.

I predict the upset in this one, and T.O. punches Ms. Pacman for making the headlines in Dallas this week….. Cards 28 - Cowgals 17

G-men -vs.- Brownies

The G-men head up against Cleveland on Monday night and it seems that they will stay undefeated at least for another week. NY gets Plax back and their defense is playing surprisingly better since the Cincy game. But then again if the Browns start running the ball they might have an upper hand in a low scoring game. Eli has not been challenged since the Cincy game. He answered the call and with a little luck and led them to a win and this game seems to have “Trap” all over it.

The Brownies need to have better QB play and their O-line needs to protect who ever is back there. Either way the G-men running game is too punishing and the Cleveland linebackers are to small to stop number 27. Shaun Rogers has to have the game of his life, against a good O-line and good protection by the backs. I think the only way NY loses this one is if Anderson goes 22-24 with a couple of TD’s and somehow Manning is out of the game. Then Carr starts having Texan flashbacks and there goes the neighborhood.

Right, well the G-men pull it out….31 - 9

Birds -vs.- Niners

The last preview will be the most important game in the division, what you ask? If the Eagles figure out a way to lose this game the division will shape up for the rest of the season with us on the outs and other teams battling for the top spot. Being the true fan that I am, I feel the urgency that I hope the team has to go out and win this game. I do not care if it is by one point or by twenty, just a win.

The Niners have a much better offense and a good running game, forget that our run D has been so great all season. We will blitz and blitz some more because we live life on the edge. That means if O’Sullivan can somehow get away from the pressure he can have a big game, especially going Asante’s way. I am still not a believer of the amount of money the team gave that guy, for what to get burned by a fellow db and James Trash. Gore can have a good day if the Niners can withstand drives and keep Don on the sidelines.

People say Vernon Davis is a bust, but if you watch the games he has played in, he seems to be a huge focal point for the opposing defenses. He might not have the stats but he seems to have the respect around the league. Curtis will play but probably not be a huge factor in the game. Westbrook is out and I am hoping they will use all their backs this game, they traded for Booker in the off-season and have not used him whatsoever. Buck can handle the load and the WR’s have to able to catch a critical third down pass this week or this will be the beginning of another 8-8 season for the Birds. One more thing…”THOW IT TO THE ROOK!!!!”

I think after D-mac’s comments all over the news the Birds will come out and win the game….I will give a number but I really do not care….Birds 24 - Niners 16

Because no other division really matters as much as ours.

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  1. Luis...welcome back "Bird Brain"Smile Owens is probably relieved Adam Jones took the headlines...nobody was bothering him this week.  Sorry...but Cowboys pull out the win against the Cards.  I like your other picks...but beware of the Browns...they are due for an upset special!  That's right you heard it here first...Browns down the G-Men...well...maybe?  Undecided

    utopia1dcutopia1dc on Saturday, 11 October 2008, 18:31 PDT # |

  2. I think the Cards are going to pull it off..I think somehow the power of Warner will shine thru...I don't know about the brownies though...we shall see...Yell

    Luis DuranLuis Duran on Sunday, 12 October 2008, 09:22 PDT # |

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