October 04, 2008

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Luis Duran

The Crying Game pt. 2


Hello NFL fans,

    Here we are again with the on going drama that is the Valley of the Departed, or as you know them, the Dallas Cowboy fan base. You see after the critically acclaimed article The TO Story, there was only one thing I could do, make a crappy sequel! This sequel would not have been if not for the despicable actions of the Dallas Cowgirls and their equally brain dead fan base.

    As we all know Tereal Owins went ahead and started his bash-o-team techniques that we have come to know and love. Yes, yes I know it was all taken out of context, he just a competitor and he wants to win. Right you keep on saying that Valley of the Departed, you keep trying to convince yourselves that your are not blind. You believe everything that is portrayed as OK to be real. It was OK when you guys were rebuilding, for ten years! The only other team rebuilding for that long has been the Arizona Cardinals who still feel like a brand new franchise even though they have been in the league for 100 years.

    Moving on, the over blown comments by your over blown star have been dubbed as meaningless by everyone from the homeless to that over blown owner. People let’s look at it from another perspective, everyone has been watching the presidential race correct? Of course you have, why does the Obama team always point to the past eight years as something that we should not do? Because it is wrong people, to most people anyway, but if you dismiss the past you are deemed to repeat it.

Hence Skins -vs.- Girls, all season long the secondary has been in ICU after serious third degree burns.

Number two, you forget about the actual stars of your team, like Witten who can catch a golf ball in a blizzard and I do not exaggerate.

Number three, do not stop the actual star of your team, THE BARBARIAN, you have to feed the beast!

Now your moronic owner is going off saying that the Cowjerks are going to make sure T.O. gets the ball. Why?

    Because not only is Jerry coming to his aid, but he loves the attention just like him. So the perfect bro-mance is intact. This is worse than Blank wheeling out Vick after he got hurt. Why does grown man have to publicly tell people to leave his baby alone, by making those comments? So once again V.O.D. open your eyes, this is all a show, you have way better players that the ones Jerry Jones wants to sleep with i.e. T.Homo, T.Owins, Ms. Pacman.

    At least as an Eagle fan I am legally allowed to question and boo every decision my team makes. But you guys, the Valley of the Departed have been so brainwashed by the fact that you have a lot of Superbowls. I mean even the Spygate Dynasty left the building after the Fins poured it on them. Still you fail to realize the truth, you have sucked for a while and now that you are winning again you feel you have your team back. But it is just infatuation like the song says, get vision correction you guys.

    I wanted everything to be hunky-dory with T.O. when he was with us, but I was infatuated with him. Not realizing that internally the wheels of evil where turning, he was planning a terrorist attack on a city that embraced him so. He did not do it by messing with us, or by saying that the media was to overbearing. He did it by hurting the thing we loved the most, the team. It started small and we were winning, so we looked away and cheered when he would complain to Don after he threw TD’s to other players.

    “Oh, you are just sour that he is gone now!” most definitely, NOT! I would rather have ten Miles Davises than one cancerous cell. I am glad he is gone, we needed to rebuild our team. Which took six months by the way, just a little stab at your coaching staff that’s all. Any who, you guys need a return to glory days and on that road you are willing to sacrifice the one thing that you say you love, the team. Hence my description, Valley of the Departed, you are waiting for the dead to return.

    I have family that watched Quincy (sniffles) Carter knowing full well that he was terrible, sit there and say “I think we are gonna do it this year.“ I see fans box up their autographed Chad Hennings jersey and marvel it , as if to be replaying the four good games he had. Hey I get it, Jerry says they are good and you listen, like lambs to the slaughter. But believe on this one, I am watching a movie I’ve already seen.

I really do not know how this will all end. But if you are walking around your trailers in a yellow wife beater wondering why you kicked your Chevy on a hot January afternoon.

Let me be the first to say it, I told you so!

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  1. Wow...Luis...for someone who was glad to be rid of Terrell Eldorado Owens...you sure the heck bring him up a lot?  Sounds to me you are hoping he fails so you can say...told you so.  You are right about one thing...the Cowboys were rebuilding for a while...but the Eagles didn't take advantage of those years!  Two quick stats for you 5-0...that represents how many SB's the Cowboys have (5) and how many the Eagles have (0).  The second stat is 4-1 and 2-3...that's this years records (Cowboys with the better record)...and a bonus of beating the Eagles in dramatic fashion on MNF to boot!  How's that for rebuilding?


    utopia1dcutopia1dc on Sunday, 05 October 2008, 18:17 PDT # |

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