The Blast resumes

October 01, 2008

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Luis Duran

The Blast resumes

Wednesday Blast


Hello NFL Fans,

Once again it is time to blast your problems away on hump day. For those of you that do not know how this works, here it is. You let me know what is bothering you, football wise, since I am not a therapist. I post it on my weekly article and hopefully help relieve the stress in your life. I have received even more feedback since the last two Blasts. You guys are giving me great ammo to continue putting your opinions out there.

Let’s get right in it, we will start with the most requested and humiliated Raider Nation

“Why are you still alive Al?”

“Why are you still alive, to make our lives miserable? To make me want to put my head in oven? Not because we play bad, but because you makes look terrible. Why did you hire Kiffin if you were going to murder him in the media after a year. You imprison everyone who has anything to do with the franchise. We look somewhat decent, the worst part of our team is the Defense! Wake up old man, Ryan can’t make them play better, maybe it’s the scheme, maybe it’s the so called swagger that they have. I have not seen it, since a Rookie took it from us on opening day! A rookie! Al please just stop breathing, please let us try to start over with the players that are here.”

WOW I am not a cop but I think that was a death threat! LOL

Keep it moving with the great fans out in Green Bay.

“Hey Mike, if that’s the wrong mindset to play, I don’t wanna be right!”

“ So exactly how is throwing six touchdown passes, not being in the right mindset to be a Packer? I think I got it! being a Green Packer means being a mid level team just trying to compete with upper echelon teams. Yep, that’s it, I guess the right mindset was not getting back to the NFC championship game, because this year with no #4, we will not make it. So if you explained this to Brett and he decided he didn’t have any more seasons to throw away, I would not be in that mindset either. I hope the owner clears house with you idiots, letting a Hall of Famer go for practically nothing. That was a wonderful move Mike, are you in the right mindset to have everyone in Green Bay despise everything you stand for, YOU IDIOT!”

There you go Green Bay, have a wonderful October! I’m sure Brett will.

Here is another one from Cincy, these never stop by the way every week I have to pick through the pile. Good luck to Harry out in Louisville…Keep your head up !

“Welcome to the Jungle, we got zero wins in four games!”

“Boy am I glad that we did not trade away Chad Johnson this offseason we might have gotten someone who could have probably helped us, it seems to be working out wonderfully. He has what, 1 TD this season and a broken shoulder. I am also really excited about letting Rudi Johnson go without having a legit RB, that was genius!

And employing immobile tree trunks as the O-line, that will hopefully have Carson sitting in a wheelchair sucking applesauce through a straw by December. The only bright spot I have seen is TJ, maybe we should get rid of him too.”

I predict I will get at least one Ohio blast every week.

Due next will be my boy Cory out in Colorado Springs…he’s not on a high after this weekend.

“WTF just happened? “

“The Chiefs! Seriously, is this what everyone has been raving about. A QB who makes stupid throws every game. The WR’s did not bail him out this time, and look what happened. I have always been a Cutler doubter, but the Chiefs? We brought LJ back to life and made the chiefs D look like pro-bowlers. Maybe it was just a bad game but seriously I am sick of hearing this is the NFL and any team can dominate anytime. Oh really tell that to St. Louis, they will believe it. It seems now that we have Boy wonder we have forgotten what the identity of our team is….THE RUN!

RUN THE DAMN BALL!!! Cmon it’s the Chiefs Shanahan they are like 48 in the league in total defense!!!

Don’t feel bad guy, it was a schocker to everyone, even KC. That’s why Herm and LJ almost made out in the middle of the game.

A new one from the perennial powerhouse Arizona for my friend A.C.

“The Cardinal rule of thumb out here is that we will always suck”

“For all the 37 Cardinal fans out there, now that we are back on this planet. We can start planning out our fall and winter seasons. After an early outer space party trip in the beginning of the season we are now waking up from it with a monstrous hangover. As we can all see we will be able to watch the MLB playoffs without wondering about the football scores. I thought about going to my parents house in PA, but it seems they will be watching football with a purpose during Thanksgiving. I even have to cancel my annual Christmas trips to Niagra falls, since the falls will close every Sunday to go and watch the Bills. So if someone has some good ideas for Cardinal fans to do until the draft then please let me know. I really thought I would be sitting at home this year watching the games and actually feeling what most fans feel when they watch their own teams.

But once again it’s over, trade Q, change the colors, give Leinart a beer and send him on his way.”

Ouch, can’t even say much after that one, same old, same old I guess.

Last but not least I could not go through a blast without letting some steam out myself.

“One yard! 12 inches, One Footlong cold cut Sandwich!”

Being that it is Wednesday I am not as upset as the previous days, but now I am having to ponder the identity of my team.

Is the D only going to step it up after we are behind?

Why did we trade a pick for Booker if Marty doesn’t wan to use him?

Why must we sit in despair and watch the second biggest O-line not get a push”

Can someone tell me why it seems we are hanging our receiving hopes on a Rook?

WTF is going on with the play calling Andy and Marty?

Not one pass, not one! I yelled at the TV since first down at the three, “fade to Baskett!!!”

Why does JJ’s defense seems to put linebackers in losing battles when it comes to coverage. With all the blitzing it seems that our backers are killing us this year, it started against the Rams and I wonder if it will ever stop?

Am I being picky or did Hester push of on his TD play? It really doesn’t matter but I just want to know if I was alone?

Thank you guys for all the feedback, keep it coming it makes me feel all fuzzy inside when I get to laugh at the misfortunes of others.

Keep Blasting!!!

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  1. Al Davis was once a he is the laughing stock of the NFL.  He has taken a once prominent and feared franchise and turned them into pushovers.  Now I am not wishing him death as your post, but a simple resignation would suffice!  He needs to let go and just sit in the box and...enjoy it, baby!  I was never a huge Favre fan, but I must give the guy his due.  He shows up to play, period.  He will do whatever it takes to win a game.  Sure he still has a few bonehead plays here and there.  The Packers were crazy to let him go...Aaron Rodgers could have waited another year!

    utopia1dcutopia1dc on Wednesday, 01 October 2008, 12:42 PDT # |

  2. aaron could have waited another That's what i thought the AL davis blast was pretty harsh too.

    Luis DuranLuis Duran on Wednesday, 01 October 2008, 14:48 PDT # |

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