September 30, 2008

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Luis Duran

The Crying Game

The Terrell Owens story


Hello NFL fans,

Well here we are, week four of the third year with his last team. This will be his last team, I truly believe that. If I were an owner I would rather get a letter full of anthrax and then imprisoned IN Cuba to spend the rest of my days. The continuous onslaught of reporters and fans condemning my name and wanting my head on a stick would be too much for me to bare.

It is not that I do not want to see Tereal Owins (I will try and misspell his name every chance I get) win or be successful. It is just that he does not let himself be successful, by letting the team win without him having to be the focus of the world. He should be extremely honored that coaches spend 18 hours daily preparing to face him, preparing to cover him, preparing to execute their special packages for him. He wants more, not only does he beat those packages but he wants more, every pass, every play to have his name on it.

How selfish do you have to be to want so much? One of my friends once told me, “I bet Tereal put profiles of himself in all the mirrors in his house so other people can see him instead of their reflection.” The sad thing is that for a second, a real NFL fan will believe that. Now I was always a defender of the celebrations, I never had a problem with his signing footballs after touchdowns or desecrating stars. But when he came to Philly he made the worst mistake of his life. He turned his back on the team, the game and most importantly the greatest fans in the world.

If he thinks that by convincing himself that it was not his fault he called out McNabb and Reid is going to make people love him again, well it might. But he will never have a ring, I truly believe that. How can you call yourself a man after you sit behind your sniveling agent and let him NOT answer your questions for you. You don’t even have the testicular fortitude to go and say, “next question”. What a joke of a human you are, how can we as Eagles fans ever associate ourselves with that.

Since SuperFive is too big a man to ever publicly blast Tereal Owins even though he needs to. I will go ahead and do it since I am a nobody. To those fans that say, "You are just jealous he is not on your team" I say this. Seriously why do we miss him, do we miss that he dropped every other pass thrown his way, or that he cried after every pass not thrown his way. His work ethic might be unmatched but it does not over shadow his lack of god given ability. Think about the greats Rice, Swann, Largent, Monk, Carter, Irvin and even Moss. When was the last time they dropped more than 10 percent of passes that hit their hands.

I have to give props to Irvin as a Cowboy, and I still hate him, and he probably was snorting before and during games, but he was a natural pass catcher just like the others. I understand the physical speed and strength that Tirrell has over them, but like I stated before the ability to catch is what makes you great. The strength and smarts takes you off the line and pushes off defenders. The speed and athleticism helps you pull away from them. Once it’s just you and the ball all you have left is your hands, that gift. Honestly I was ecstatic at the fact that he was going to join us, but then after the second Giant game I noticed his lack of that gift. He was dropping more balls than the other receivers were, six yard crossing routes, basic west coast offense.

I can’t remember Taylor or Rice ever dropping so many crossing routes in that offense like Owans has. I overlooked the inconsistency of his ability because we were winning and the defense was playing great. I have always been critical of all Eagles players but I believe that the games SuperFive and Terial played together, Five was being blamed for throwing those close range passes too hard at his receivers. Freddie Freaking Mitchell was catching them, Pinky was catching them after peeking in on defenders. Before the injury against the Cowgals I felt like the only person in the world to notice this, “man you guys are going to the dance!” my friends would tell me.

“Yeah, but dude can’t catch, he’s getting all this money to catch the ball!”

So you see Cowboy fans, get used to it, you better hope you do not struggle against any of these lower level teams in October or this is going to be the joke of the 2008. I know that you guys are used to public humiliation but if this keeps up, when is he going to blast his team? Because you know he will, deep in your blackened hearts you know it to be true. I guess since you always had players who were “outlaws” it will be like another notch on your shackles, I mean belt.

Am I sorry for you, absolutely not it is not in my DNA to ever feel anything other than hate for America’s Joke. I do not wish him ill will, but I do not wish him the best.

I just want us all to receive what we deserve.


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  1. Luis, that was a nice, cute even made me chuckle a little bit.  Owens is a very complex individual (I have absolutely no medical credentials to make that statement...but I did it anyway).  I don't really mind the dropped balls.  Every player has a just hope that the positives outweigh the negatives.  I saw the entire Owens interview, and as a Cowboys fan, I didn't have a problem with it.  All great players (especially WR's) want the ball on every play.  I would be worried if he didn't want the ball thrown to him.  I would be concerned if he felt that they threw to him too many times.  I would be perplexed if he wasn't mad that his team lost the game and he wanted to help more.  Players can bark all they want, but they all know that they are on a short leash!

    utopia1dcutopia1dc on Tuesday, 30 September 2008, 16:09 PDT # |

  2. I mean it really wasn't that just like deja vu to me. Beleive me I know, i said those same things I would be upset if he didn't care about the team losing.

    It just seems like the beginning all over again, look at how many of his teammates have to keep answering questions about him.

     Thanx for reading the article, it made you laugh, it made you cry but it ended with your heart having a warming glow.


    Luis DuranLuis Duran on Tuesday, 30 September 2008, 20:39 PDT # |

  3. How much is Owens going to whine now that his team got lambasted against the Rams?  Brad Johnson looked old and lost out there and Owens had what two catches?  It's a shame, such a good guy and team to have this happen :)

    Ryan ShuckRyan Shuck on Monday, 20 October 2008, 08:43 PDT # |

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