NFC east

September 29, 2008

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Luis Duran

NFC east

Hello East fans,

Since there was only on division game this week the world was focused in Dallas.

The G-men were off this week and off out scowering jail cells for their great wide receiver. I am sure they will have enough time to bail him out since he ahs been suspended for a game for missing a team meeting. The Skins were in town to try and upset the undefeated Cowgals.

Both defenses started out playing great, they swarmed to the ball, covered tight and did not over pursue. Soon we saw the real Skins D as they were the first to give up the ghost and go down by a touchdown. Campbell made some awful throws and halted that Skin offense time after time. The Skins did not score until Campbell got some time to throw and then tied up the game with short passes and strong runs by Clown Portis.

Then after two great drives the Skins went up by two scores with two minutes left to play. But once again just like in the Philly game the Cowgals regained some momentum by methodically going down the field and getting three points. After playing great D, the Skins stood back and let them back in the game, I don’t understand why teams do this. You are up on supposedly the best team in the league and you sit back and watch them score! At least the Eagles were trying to get after Mr. Simpson, they just couldn’t, but wait on them after being successful, is just crazy to me.

Just like in the Philly game they came out and scored on the Skins D to continue the momentum. Washington responded by getting into the red zone and unfortunately had to TD’s called back for penalties. Amazingly the Cowgirls folded…not, I keep telling everyone I know that the Cowgal D is extremely overrated and tonight was the perfect example. I mean seriously Terrance Newman what are you doing out there? Redskins set themselves up for the win with FG’s and by playing good not great defense. It didn’t help the Girls that Crybaby Johnson dropped a sure TD in the end zone. Just like him, he seems to falter most of the time when the game is on the line.

Did you expect any less for the division this year? I didn’t and I can’t wait for my Eagles to meet up with the rest of division to really gauge what kind of team we have. Bif win for the Skins happy still need some work, but showed tremendous heart against the Atom smasher offense of the Cowgirls. For them lick your wounds and remember what lost you the game… QB’s, DB’s and play calling.

In the night game, our beloved Eagles take on the Bears in Chi-town. I am threatening to watch the game with the mute button on…sick of the Madden.

Because no other division really matters as much as ours.

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  1. are right on with Madden...I am listening to WIP and Merrill Reese with mute on the TV...Madden sucks!  As far as the Cowboys...they only ran the ball 11 times (Barber 8, Owens 2, Romo 1) and Felix "the Cat" didn't get a touch from scrimmage.  The O-line is a force, but they never got on track with the running game.  I don't know what Garrett and Phillips were doing, but obviously it didn't work.  NFC East doubt!

    utopia1dcutopia1dc on Sunday, 28 September 2008, 18:02 PDT # |

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