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September 24, 2008

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Luis Duran

Wednesday Blast!




Hello NFL fans,

Well I am going to start up something new for all those NFL fans who have a lot to say but can’t get it out, enough. I have a lot of people writing, calling and just talking to me about the things that irk them about the NFL to include players, coaches, mascots, ticket prizes, play calls, cheerleaders…yes even that. I recently decided why not make a weekly manuscript about the things that hurt the fans, I know many legions of people out there are upset about their teams in some way shape or form. This is how we are going to do it every Wednesday, since it is the most boring day of the football week. Mondays and Sundays are game days. Tuesdays are layovers from the previous games and we seem to have nothing available in the middle of the week, until Friday when you get into college football mode.

If you want to get your feelings out, contact me and it will be up on the site every Wednesday ready for you to laugh and cry about it. It is better out than in I once heard on TV.

First off everyone knows that I am a religious Eagles fan and that I know every intricacy of the organization, because they call me and tell about it of course. But the one little thing I do not know about is this…

“Why in the world was Baskett not in the games last year!!!!!!!!!!”

Can you answer that Philly, can you explain to me the only receiver out there with any size not being a TE was only in for running plays. What! Only running plays you say, oh yes go check the stats from last year’s debacle, Hank was in on what it seemed like 90 percent of the running plays.

Are you kidding me, this guy goes across the middle with no fear in his heart, he gets the tough catches in traffic. Did you see the catch he yanked out of the air, after that wonder boy Kolb threw a pass in quadruple coverage. Yes it was that tight, the defenders didn’t believe the Qb would even look that way. I mean Hank has always had the knack for the big play, but look at him now slants, posts, screens you name it this man will do it. During camp the man himself Harold Carmichael insisted the O coaches to get Hank the ball, especially in the red zone. “Fade to Hank!” Harold would say during the live feed from their website.

Well those were my discrepancies with the team this week, I am sure I have more as the season goes on.

Next one of my friends who happens to be a Rams fan, yes they still have fans and that is called “loyalty” people out in fair-weather town. Extremely crazy but hey they love their team, if you can call it a team.

“Hey Linehan, the QB is not the problem!!!”

If you want to fix the problem with your offense then start by dismembering every player on that O-line. Because by mid-season your QB’s will be on disability and you will be scheduling the roster of your Fantasy team. Which by the way will not include any Rams player. Even Pace can’t keep pace with today’s ends and linebackers, there is now way in St. Louis that Trent should be in there. He will probably not even remember his name let alone a play after a series of getting his head rammed in the ground.

That one came courtesy of my boy (Sherm) in the rough streets of Tulsa…good luck out there buddy.

Next we have a lesser violent one all the way from Raider nation…

“Hurry up and die Al Davis!!!!!!”

We finally have a somewhat decent offense and you want to keep up your B.S. no wonder everyone who goes there wants to leave after week 1. You have to give it up, stop the insanity in Oakland, at least Jones in Dallas is trying to win a football game and not a game of Boggle with the coach. Mindbottling is how someone would put it, let your pride die and let the fans have a winning team. That is all we want, to win we don’t care who coaches or how old he is, or even the players names on the jerseys…Just win Baby!!!!!!!

Remember that you aging sore of a human being, I read somewhere you throw towels down and have assistants come and shine you shoes.

What a piece of trash you are, I used to be proud to be a Raider, to have the world look at the rebel and glare. But now we are just a joke and we have no pride left. For me it started with Marcus Allen, unquestionably the best Raider running back to ever put on the silver black. Then it just seemed to snowballed after the SuperBowl thrashing to our former coach I hoped you had a heart attack up in that 10k skybox during the game.

WOW please let us know how you really feel! Anyway that was for my people out in Raider nation, god speed.

One more quick one for chi-town!

“For the Lovie of pete!!!”

Coach, can you please tell me when we are going to draft a real QB?

Or maybe when we will actually have one?

Or maybe keep legitimate WR’s on the team?

I am tired of being the only team other than the Chiefs of not having a QB on their roster…it’s like we go on offense with 10 players and a cancer patient under center, he looks disoriented, flushed, and knows his time will come to an end soon. I can get a hold of Culpepper if you need me to.

Please let me know so I can start telling people I like the Bears again.

Ouch! That one was like a band-aid on a shotgun wound…LOL

So this is how we are going to do it people, get at me to post your thoughts up, we can even talk some trash. I am great at that, especially with cockroaches!

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  1. Luis, Baskett is a decent 3rd or 4th WR at best, though with his size the Eagles could probably use him more in the Red Zone.  The Rams are just pathetic, period!  They need a lot of help and QB is not where I would have started...that's the least of their problems.  Wishing the death of Al Davis is a bit harsh, but point well taken.  He has gone mad in the past 10 years or so.  That's why many coaches have turned down offers from Davis.  In his mind it's the '70's and early 80's and Stabler and Plunkett are leading him SB's.  Chicago is not that bad and I like Lovie Smith.  He is a good guy and good for football.  He (and Dungy) do it the right is not #1 to them, family and their Religion are).  I am closet Grossman fan...I don't think he ever got a fair shake.  The defense has carried that team for years and they should never have let T. Jones go a couple years ago. 

    utopia1dcutopia1dc on Thursday, 25 September 2008, 09:02 PDT # |

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