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September 22, 2008

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Luis Duran

NFC east


NFC East

Week 3

Hello East fans,

After some great games this Sunday, it is time to analyze the teams in our great division, because no other division really matters in this league. Well let’s start off by evaluating the G-men, whom I really don’t know what to make of just yet. They struggled against a winless, defenseless Bengals team that looked like their season has just started. They went in at halftime losing by three but in reality it could have been more if their D-line had not stepped up and sacked Palmer at the end of the half. Their offense looked somewhat anemic against the bottom feeding defense, if we can even call it a defense of the Bengals.

After a defensive stop the G-men had couple chance to put the game away but once again had problems with a surprising Cincy defense. Their holes in the secondary eventually sealed their fate as the Bungles scored on a touchdown pass to TJ. In overtime Lil’ Peyton lead them down the field with nothing but luck, again. A deflected pass turned into a duck towards what seemed to be four defenders and fell helplessly to the ground. Next play Cincy can’t get to the QB, long pass and the G-men make the kick for the game.

Meanwhile in D.C. the Redskins had the best quarter of their lives in the first, then they let that great offense of Arizona comeback and gain some momentum. After a week of turmoil with that sideshow called Clinton, the Skins seem to be moving the ball great on O, but once again their secondary seems rather run down. They got lucky on the fourth down play when the referees once again blew the whistle prematurely for a delay of game penalty. The clock clearly showed a couple seconds left on it, and the Skins dodged a bullet on a promising drive by the Cardinals.

In the second half the Skins were able to clearly see the potency of the Arizona offense and the lack of consistency in the Skins secondary. Fitz beat both deep safeties and went in on an easy touchdown, Warner had enough time to ties his shoes and brush his teeth on that play. But once again the referees bailed out the Skins as a clear interference call turned into an interception and eventually the game wining score.

In the night game the Cowgirls met up with the Pack in cheese country and even though Brett is with the Jets. Madden still managed to say his name over 43 times before the second quarter. During the game the Cowjerks started off moving the ball very well with big plays. Thus exposing what most of the NFL already knew but failed to admit, the Pack is undefeated because of the terrible division they are in. Another thing that we finally saw come to light is, McCarthy made a bad decision in keeping Rodgers. Yeah he might have a quick release, good footwork, knows the offense and all that jazz but he is not…you already know.

I believe these games are more of a testament to the Crier(TO) than the multiple touchdown games. They would rather let everyone else run loose than to let him beat them, hence Miles Austin. Not only is this a show of tremendous respect but tremendous stupidity. So what if you take him out of the game, if you can’t tackle then you might as well put eight in the box and take your chances with Charles (I played for Michigan) Woodson and some safeties not named Darren Sharper. I think the Cowgirls played okay against a lower level opponent that they should have easily dominated, plus it should be clear for Cowgirl fans who your best player is. That’s right it’s the player most likely to win “Best nickname ever”…The Barbarian!

Next week will tell us a whole lot about our wonderful division as the Cowboys and Skins meet up. The G-men take a break from reality and try and figure out why they needed to win in OT against a winless team. My Eagles limp into Chitown to try and prove once again that they can score more than field goals against a good D.

The hype might not be as much as it was on Monday night, but believe me all of these upcoming division games should be nationally televised.

Because no other division really matters as much as ours.

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  1. Luis, you couldn't be right about Madden...he must sat "Brett Favre" every 5 minutes...maybe he gets a commission everytime?  Madden was okay back in the day (like 10-15 years ago), now, he is a fraud!  As a Cowboys fan, there is only one player I dislike...Barber...he is too much of a show off!  I preferred Julius Jones.  Barber is too hyped up...he's good...not great!  I like Felix the Cat to take over the RB duties eventually.

    utopia1dcutopia1dc on Monday, 22 September 2008, 09:47 PDT # |

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