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Brandon Vincent
Wednesday 26th November 2008, 3:50am
You should read what I wrote on Justin Glover's wall about his post on Eagles in a hole
Luis Duran
Tuesday 30th September 2008, 12:40pm
First of all I would like to thank God for my family, my health and for not making me a Cowgirls fan. There you have it people, what else you ned to know?
Luis Duran
Thursday 11th September 2008, 12:04pm
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The Blast! posted on 11/07/2008

The Blast!

Hello Blast fans,

Well after a brief departure from my weekly post, it’s once again time to do some Blasting. This will be special edition of the blast since it will be directly pointed at everyone’s favorite team to hate. That’s right nothing but the blue and silver ladies who are settling down on earth and have seen the brutal reality.

So here we go let’s start of with some disturbed fans from Alabama who apparently has had enough of their team.

“Coming off the Fumes”

“Well here we are, after the over hyped off-season now we can truly see that Jerry has thrown this team straight into the lion’s pit. Going into a self proclaimed Superbowl” year the wheels are coming off the golden bus. Going into this season with a backup QB who would not be the third QB on any other team in our division was probably not the best idea, unless you knew the starter would take every snap. Which he probably would have if you would have actually evaluated the effectiveness of those pillars in front of him. I call them pillars because they are big, impossible to push over and immobile. Please, I am asking for some help, the defending champs went out and beefed up their qb position. They just won their Superbowl!!!!! We have not won a playoff game since my teenager was a toddler!!!!

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Blasting Away! posted on 10/22/2008

Wednesday Blast!

Somewhere the Tuna is smiling…

Hello Blast fans,

    It’s that time again, time to do some blasting and we got some great stuff from Frisco, KC and everywhere else. Now since there are an extremely large amount of blasts with a number of unsavory words. I take it upon myself to replace them and still keep the original statements intact.

Kansas city here we come!!!!

“Chiefs of futility”

“Okay so now I understand the reasoning behind not getting rid of Tony or LJ for some better picks or even players. We needed to suspend one and make the other one miserable. Okay I got it, yeah keep the woman assaulter I am sure nobody wanted him right. I read somewhere that about the asking price for Tony and we still did not pull the trigger… Does everyone know what the asking price was? A 2-3 rounder plus a player, a couple teams met this including the Eagles. Yet he is still a Chief and loving it after the drubbing we just got handed at the by the Titans. Unbelievable, how pathetic are we that we won’t even look to move a player that will probably be incarcerated soon, Genius!!! This is why we will win the division on our majestic road to the first of many Superbowl wins. WOW!”

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The East...the day after the blowout posted on 10/20/2008


The Day After the Blowout

Hello East fans,

    Okay so my predictions were way off, well not by much except for the thrashing in St. Louis, I really think it is code red in Big D. The Skins got away with one at home against the resurged Brownies. The G-men handled the Whiners the way you should, let them beat themselves. Let’s start off with the biggest upset in the NFL since the previous week.

    Tony Romo spoke to Brett and decide he was going to try and be a big man like him and play, Jerry said no way and Brad started the game. The Cowgirls came out firing on all cylinders, Barber was bruising, the O-line had forgotten last week and TO did not drop any balls either. Then the Legend of Donnie Avery emerged from the sidelines and absolutely burned who ever was assigned to him. Steven Jackson made me think of picking him up in fantasy football again and the Rams defensive backs looked amazing. In all actuality they all looked like a real football team.

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The East! posted on 10/18/2008

NFC East

Week 7 preview

Hello East fans,

     As we head into the critical part of the season, the East sets up for a huge weekend of football. Last week’s slip up by every team except Philly made the race a lot tighter. We do not know if Mr. Jessica Simpson will play this Sunday after speaking with Brett over the week. Eli seems to have a injury similar to SuperFive’s and the Skins are wondering if they really lost to the Rams or not.

    Let’s begin in the Big Apple where the G-men were run out of Cleveland on monday night and their biggest weakness was exposed. Their secondary was torched all game by an offense that has not gone vertical since last year. Eli showed his old self again and this week going up against a so-so defense in San Fran, he might be able to have a big day. If not, well Coughlin you have backs over there that can win the game even if the Whiners put nine in the box. Plus, the “Fade to Plax” is as unstoppable as anything we have seen in a while. On the other side if O’Sullivan can play like he did in the first three quarters of last weeks game, the Whiners will be victorious. He was making great throws, opening up the running game and led until he remembered he was J.T. O’Sullivan and he shouldn’t be playing that well.

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Blast AWAY!!!!! posted on 10/15/2008

The Wednesday Blast


Hello Blast fans,

What a week to be an NFL fan huh? Great finishes, amazing breakdowns and outstanding individual plays. I think I got about twenty or so emails for this blast and of course I always pick the best ones. I do have to admit I had a lot of Dallas correspondence on Monday morning after the news came out. There are others that just keep coming from places like Detroit, Seattle and Oakland. We do have some new ones from the NYC and DC where there was major uproar after their respective teams bit the big one.

Here we go let’s start out in

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